Peach Ginger

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To celebrate Bright Side Beverage Club's new sponsorship title, you load up your car with a trunk of BSBC and your two best friends, and you take a summer road trip across the country. 

As you drive past a giant water tower shaped like a peach in South Carolina, it's clear that you're in the land of fuzzy stone fruit. So you stop at every roadside stand possible to compare the attributes of this famous Southern fruit. You lock the flavor in your memory because it's clear this is the next flavor for Bright Side Beverage Club. 

When you get home, all you can think about is those peaches and everything you loved about them -- the juiciness, the sweetness, the ripeness -- and you set out to forever remember your epic road trip in beverage form.

As you work on recipes for this new flavor, you remember the warmth in the air of your June 1980 road trip. You run inside yelling, "GINGER!" You add a dash of warm ginger to the peaches you've juiced and declared it summertime in the South. That's it. That's the flavor. 


Ingredients: Custom Filtered Water, Natural Peach Flavor*, Natural Ginger Flavor*, Natural Flavors* (*extract)

Six or Twelve Cans / 12oz each