Cucumber Lime

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It's your first time there and you see vegetables in the carafes of drinking water. What? Everyone seems to have a glass so you casually walk up to the attendant and request the "water with the cucumbers."

The attendant retorts, "that's just the normal water here."

You drink it. You're changed. You confidently suggest they compliment the slight bitterness of the cucumber with the sweet citrus-y tang of key lime to create the most refreshing, flavorful water you've ever touched to your lips. You suggest tiny effervescent bubbles that help to create the perfect mouthfeel. You even go so far as to boldly suggest they customize the mineral makeup and filtration of the water itself to optimize how it tastes and how it feels on your tongue. They take your suggestions. It's all the rage.

And you think to yourself, "these people have taste."


Ingredients: Custom Filtered Water, Natural Cucumber Flavor*, Natural Key Lime Flavor*, Natural Flavors* (*extract)

Six or twelve cans / 12oz each